1. Choose your travel time wisely. While especially in the time before christmas there are not many tourists in Morocco in december, the days are short and nights can be pretty cold. Around new years eve there will be a lot more tourists than early in december and it might be wise to book a campsite before your arrive
  2. When planning your travel itinary try not to overdo it! Roads are bumpy and narrow and there are potholes big enough to swallow your entire car so driving 300km can easily take you a whole day. Also, when you go to Morocco in winter, it will be dark quite early and very suddenly. There is much to discover. So if you’re up for some adventure take your time and leave some time for the unexpected.
  3. Do not drive in the dark! It is no fun at all! You will not be able to see potholes and there will be people, donkeys, bikes and even cars without lights on the road. Even in bigger cities like Fez there are few street lights and there is a lot of traffic. We even had a wrong-way driver coming at us on a multi-lane road.
  4. Prices for food are usually fix. We found it helpful to take the price for bread as a measure: If something costs 100 times as much as a bread, decide whether it is worth it or not.
  5. Dealers in Morocco love to bargain! If you are not good at bargaining, decide on a price that you can easily live with and try to get a better one. We were willing to spend 10€ on a bucket, paid 2€ without bargaining and everybody was happy. You will never get the same price as a local anyway.
  6. You do not need to bring a lot of food from home if you are a little flexible. A lot of things are much cheaper in Morocco anyway and in the big supermarkets (outside the big cities) you will get nearly everything. If you need something like lactose free milk, you might want to bring some.
  7. Whenever you get a chance to a hot shower, take it! We spend a whole month in Morocco and had a hot shower only 4-5 times during that time. There are multiple reasons why a hot shower might not be available: no gas, electricity breakdown, not enough water or sometimes you don’t even have facilities at the campsites.
  8. Take your chance to buy the freshest fruits you’ll ever eat! Clementines in Morocco taste so much better than at home and are so much cheaper. At the local markets it will not be possible to buy only one or two clementines at they sell them only by the  kilo or maybe half. You will also get great bananas at the coast. If you like dried dates you can get them at the local markets or from one of the dealers along the streets.
  9. Make sure to visit a local market. There are very interesting things for sale like our bucket made of a goodyear-tire. You might also get food even cheaper than at the supermarkets. Be prepared to talk with your hands and feet as people might not speak any English or French. We didn’t buy any meat at the markets as we were a bit sceptical if our European stomachs would be able to procress it.
  10. Take along some music or maybe even an audio book for the long time you’ll spend on the road! We couldn’t quite get used to the arabic music and after a while we didn’t didn’t feel like talking all the time. After all, we experienced the same things and have known each other for quite a while. So we were happy to have taken along an audio book which kept us entertained on the road.